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Priority/Urgent Need

Service Time Slots  


Priority or 'Urgent Need' Time Slots are intended for those who are in need for immediate services or those in urgent need.  Minimal time Slots are available and can be scheduled on a first come first served basis.  Appointments are required to be paid in full via Paypal within 24 hours of setting your appointment.



-Priority/Urgent Mediumship Readings-

Enables you to receive messages from your loved ones and guides on the other side.  Voice recorders are encouraged.  Have a few family members or friends that would like to participate in the sitting?  Private Readings may be individual or include up to 5 individuals.

Cost:    30 minutes= $180 per person

      One hour = $360 person 


-Priority/Urgent Residential/Commercial Property Reading-

In need of  communicating with the Spirits inhabiting your home or business?  During a walk thru of your property. Ms.Muntz will reveal the images, sounds, energy and SPIRITS within your space. Voice recorders encouraged.  Up to three participants welcome.

Cost One Hour= $360

         Two Hours= $720

plus mileage and any parking expense.




-Priority/Urgent EVP Communication Session-

Communicate with Spirits and loved ones on the 'Other Side' in an unique and special way...by hearing their voices!  Join Ms.Muntz in a question and answer session with the ones who love you most.  EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomenon has been utilized since the 1800's to verbally communicate with the Spirit Realm. Even Thomas Edison developed a device that heard 'the after world.'  Session includes recorded Q & A session and analytical interpretation.  Flash drive Included!  Sessions may include up to 5 people.

Cost:    30 minutes= $195 per person

            One hour = $390  per person



-Priority/Urgent Telephone Reading-

Not in the Illinois vicinity? Not a problem!  Settle into a comfy chair in a quiet room.  Receive information from your Guides and loved ones on the Other Side.  Allow your Spiritual Guide to answer your questions.           Ms.Muntz will contact you at your scheduled time.  

Landlines recommended.

Cost:   30 minutes= $180 per person

     One hour = $360 person  


      -Priority/Urgent Energy Healings- 

'Energy Healing' is a broad term encompassing a variety of healing techniques.   Ms.Muntz uses a combination of Japanese and Shamanic modalities to heal the subtle energies emanating from and within the body.   She may be lead to use crystals, herbs, or sound (such as, drumming, rattle, or singing bowl) during your healing experience.   This is a powerful ancient healing technique.    In addition to gently cleansing & balancing your chakra system, Ms.Muntz picks up emotional issues that need to be released and leads you through a personalized technique to heal and lift your spirit.    

Your Choice of:

Reiki,  Rose Healing  or Shamanic Energy Healing


Cost: 30 Minutes= $180

           One hour= $360






Mileage: $1.95 per rt miles










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