"Very fun,  informative and a bit emotional evening. Thanks again Cindi Muntz for making this happen. You truly are a remarkable person."  Brian Burita


"Hey Cindi,    would just like to say thank you for this evening, it was really nice to speak to someone with both your ability, and your outlook.  you've changed my opinion on a few things, thanks again.  if there is ever anything either i, or any of my team can do for you please let me know.  Kind Regards. Maurice.   Founding Member.       HTTP://www.hiddenliverpool.com"


"Thank you so much!  :) "   Jill Marie 


"Thank you for my most recent session...  I'm listening to it again today.  It means a lot to me to work with you so thank you for being you :)"  Tammy


"Hi, how are you? Thanks for a great job at the workshop!   I just wanted you to know.   Hope all is well and I hear you are speaking in Willowbrook soon!  You do such a great job!   Thanks again"      Karen


"I attended one of your group readings. This was the first time I have done anything like this. I have only watched mediums on television. I admitt I was somewhat of a skeptic. Your knowledge with the spiritual world & how readings can be interpreted or misinterpeted. Hearing you connect so many people & helping to heal them. I was amazed! With my reading I did not understand everything until the next day & cried. Cindi, I became a TRUE BELIEVER! God Bless You & the work you do! Thank You! CJ"


"I attended the Gallery Event tonight the Wheaton Park District. Some friends encouraged me attend, I'm happy that I did!  I was so impressed on the info you were able to relay to people in audience. Each reading was so specific and unique. I so captivated that I didn't realize the event had run so far over time.   The week before I attended another Gallery Event by someone who is on the tv that wasn't nearly as good.  You are truly a gifted woman.  Thank you for taking time with me after the event. Your generosity connecting me my nephew was priceless.  I can't recommend you high enough. May God bless and keep you. "  Anita Semings


"[The Spirit] departed two weeks ago today, hopefully to a more peaceful place. He left with a "Bang" knocking out monitors, phone and internet services. Did not want to say anything too soon as he has gone on extended Holidays before but has never been gone for this long. lol  Thank you all for your time, concern and understanding. You amazing. "     D.Pollack


Thank you so much for last night's presentation. You are awesome! Your enthusiasm is contagious and it is obvious you love what you do. We had 72 people attend and they made very favorable comments as they were leaving. I'm sorry we had to kind of rush you out the door at closing time. I know people still had questions for you.If you will provide your address, we will send you an honorarium for your time. Thanks again, Cindi!    Kay 


"A wedding, a visit, a name and you did say  my beloved brother's son was married on June 2nd!... By the way, You did say the marriage of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes was not true love. As my friend Tracy would say, Well, there you go!"

Patty S.



"Cindi Muntz She's a great Medium"

Shari Stiglic


03-03-2012                                                  >

Hi Cindi,
 I want to share with you the joy and gratitude I feel from the session we had last week. I am so in awe of your gift. I had never had a reading before and was a little nervous. Thank you thank you for taking the extra time so that we could communicate with my mother as well as my neighbor. My heart is filled with such love and support that I now know I have from my departed parents.
The pendulum is going crazy with answers from my spirit guide as well. God bless you

The above is what I wrote as a testimonial on your website, but it didn't allow enough space for me to elaborate. I just have to tell you again ... words cannot describe the profound depth of peace and joy that I feel , especially about my father. For 29 years I've missed him so much, and would beat myself up cause I wasn't there when he died. Now I have such clarity and can see how that is meaningless.
I didn't pick up anything on the voice recording. But something did occur to me about the telephone. Remember when my father said that I like to talk on the telephone? Well, it hit me like a ton of bricks so clearly after I listened to the recording when I got home. I can pick up my telephone any time whatsoever, and play that recording back, and that's how I can feel my father. I can truly feel his energy coming out of that phone. I think he was trying to tell me this. I didn't get it until it hit me when I felt what a beautiful and treasured keepsake this recording is.
And , I just also want to comment about the pendulum. Oh my God, it's a riot. I can feel Carolina over my right shoulder just swinging that pendulum. In fact, I wanted to ask you. On some of the yes answers it is swinging so far out in width that it literally flies up and hits my arm. Since I've never worked with one before, I just wondered if this is common, or if it is Carolina going crazy with me :) You did say she was a character.
I do have a final question ( I know I ask too many questions, and you don't have to bother answering). I just wondered if you have any input on how I should tell my siblings about this reading. I'm really not sure how open they would be, but I sure hate to keep this recording treasure to myself, it's tooooo precious.
Much love and many blessings to you , Cindi.     Kathleen"



"I got to see Cindi Muntz again at the Chicago Ghost Conference this past                                                                        weekend. She is a joy to talk too. Like I told you before [Chicago Paranormal Cops],  you couldn't have picked a       better person to join your team!"   Charles Bruss , Milwaukee, Wisconsin



"Wow, just saw post about working with CPD. Awesome, couldn't happen to a better person. I'm sure now you will be able to open many more people's  mind the way you did with me."   Eric McGeary, Milwaukee, Wisconsin



"I really enjoyed the workshop on Saturday! I'm really interested in learning more                                                                             about what you do...45 minutes was so short!"    Ani Philyaw,  Lakemoor. Illinois 



 "Cindi, I saw you speak this past weekend at Pagan Pride. Awesome job! Thanks                                                              for all of your time and efforts and I hope to one day become a member of your                                                               team!   Best, Wally Lang"

 "You  Inspire Me!  Thank you.  Laura "  



  " Dw wrote: "I dont mean to jump in, if you truly want it explained in a  definitive rather then a assumption I suggest talking with Cindi Muntz  Our  location and gives us the EVPS before we play them back. She sees and hears them and, yes, we have extensively documented this. Although she  is a friend, we were not before working with her in the field. We have  audio and video in Wisconsin, as well as Washington State and those in between of her abilities. She is from Chicago burbs area. With her proven abilities documented, I feel comfortable believing what she says to me about the spirit world, especially when I can rewind my digi and you can hear it strait from the "spirits" mouth. Just trying to help those of  you that might want not to guess anymore."    D.W. Steffen, Gmprg from Milwaulkee, WI



"It worked!  Last night I was listening to the recording from our session.

At the part where my Grandmother comes in, I hear a strange knock.  Remember when she begins to share personal details about my  relationship? I ask her if she likes him and very clearly I hear her voice say "He's not what you think" & then a second later you say exactly  the same thing to me! I nearly fell off my bed!  As she answers "yes" and then  "ok"  or "need the oil changed", again you repeat it word for word to me right after. I would never imagine that Grandma was worried about my oil light being on! It makes me laugh.  Thank you for taking my call so late. I am so excited. I never thought I would ever hear her voice again.  I always had belief that she was ok. But, now I KNOW she is ok -  around me and still supporting me. This experience has changed how I  view this world and the next. Thank you feels so lacking. How do you  thank someone who has shared something so special. I look forward to seeing you very soon. May God bless you."    Gabrielle M., Schaumberg, IL.  



"Thank you for your time and the loving healing work that you generously  shared with me.  This was my first time seeing a Shaman. I am so thankful my friend insisted I see you.  After a nap when returning home the first visit, I noticed my pain levels had decreased. End of the month blood  test showed my levels had improved.  I am so happy to say that our sessions continue to bring positive results! .  I value and appreciate the genuine & caring work you bring into this world."       TK, Kankakee, IL.          



 "Your amazing.  Just thought you should know.  :)"    M.Rhodes from Brookfield,IL.



 "You are soo sweet! I love you and your work... Thank you sooo  much!!... I am going to look up the RIP page. I very much am interested in joining. I need business cards of yours to pass along. Thank  you  again!!!"     M. Kiaurakis

"Cindi, your performance at our Seance was outstanding. I for one really enjoyed the laughter and fun you initiated during the time you were here. You are very special and I think that the bond you have made between all of us will never be forgotten.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for an enjoyable evening. M.Duncan
"You really helped me tremendously and I want you to know you are one of
 the most special people I have ever met!"    E. Duncan 

"We have had the extreme honor of working with Cindi twice now. She
 is a special person and beyond gifted at what she does. "   E.McGeary. Gmprg from Milwaulkee, WI    


1-11- 2011                                                    

"I just wanted to thank you again for coming out last week.    People were absolutely thrilled by you.  I also realized, and must apologize, that I ran out of there and never said goodbye to you.  Thanks again and Ill be bugging Pat about how set up an appointment with you!"  T.Cipriani



"Cindi Muntz is from a city west of Chicago that we have spent
 enough hours with that I feel is in fact what she as claims.
 researchers we have kept close tabs on everything she had done
 while with us, and the audio evidence supported every thing she said
 as it happened. I have seen her tell us the answers the spirit gave
 after a evp question and upon examination of the audio evidence in
 fact a class A or class B but very legible evp backed up her answers.
 Her team R.I.P. (RIPMidwest.com) is incredible and came to assist
 her with our clients. Her team members exhibited only the most
 knowledgable, friendly, and professional qualities..."      D. Steffen (aka DW) ,Gmprg from Milwaukee. WI


"I hope you have a wonderful December and holiday season Cindi.
 You're a very special person!!!  Thank you for all you have done for us."  C. Lewis


"So cool Cindi!!!  You rock!"    T. Deeb

"Thanks so much for allowing me to sit in and cover last night's séance.  It was a unique and memorable experience, and something that I've always thought would be interesting to witness/participate in. You are truly talented. It was obvious how much the attendees enjoyed their experiences, as well.  Thanks again for allowing my photographer and I to come.   Best,Jordan"

"You are a talented speaker. I would like to hear you present seminars. Thank you"
C. Arndt



" My wife and I attended the Sunday morning event last week... I would have loved to chat with you Sunday but there was a big crowd.  I felt a good connection with your teaching style and you as a psychic medium.  I very  rarely have that sense and would like to be included in any seminar that is arranged.   My sincere gratitude"    C. Kahlke



 "This is the first time I sat down with a medium. Cindi is FANTASTIC!   I can't wait to see her again and to learn more!!! I love knowing that I  have a spiritual guide and I have been in contact with her daily! Some of my family "showed up" and it put me at peace knowing that they were all doing fine and were happy. Thanks Cindi for opening my eyes........."     T. Deeb



 "As always, Cindi, thank you so much for your generosity. It is always a joy having you on the show. It was fun!"   M. Ward, from The Pill on BlogTalkRadio 



" Awesome, Love you...I went in exploring and unknowing - Walked away in pure awe."   K. Krull



"Cindi is a wonderful teacher who is very thorough and considers her students needs. Very helpful- came from her real life experiences."   H. Kooy



"Awesome!"     B. Bell




"Just wanted to take the opportunity to express my gratitude for the                                                              reading I got from you... Thanks again for everything."      N.Gray




"Just wanted to say THANK YOU for a great session! I will want to see you                                                            again in the next few months or so, given that since I had quite a few                                                           "visitors" I forgot half of the questions I wanted to ask you.  I'll make sure to                                                      write them down before I see you next time.  Keep well and I look forward                                                            to seeing/speaking with you again! "     I. Battaglia


"Cindi, Thanks again for your generous sharing of your gifts, talents,                                                          wisdom and knowledge. We are incredibly grateful!"   M.Ward, The Pill on BlogTalkRadio

"I don't know what you were worried about - you were simply great..Right into awesomeness!  Good job!"
K. Odenbach


"The feedback from the show has been so positive that we would even like  
 to have you back as early as next week!... Happy Wednesday! I am happy 
 it's not raining!"      M. Ward, The Pill on BlogTalkRadio



"All was perfect on our end.  Everyone was very very happy with their turn-                                                        outs.               :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))      Thanks again."    S. Giovonni



"Thanks Cindi for EVERYTHING! It was really a great reading and am so happy                                                   the person I've been wanting to hear from came thru!  Have a great day! You amazed me. "   Lori Nell



"I just LOVE Cindi, she is absolutely amazing. Anyone with any doubts should attend her classes, as she will make believers out of everyone. Her knowledge about hauntings is unbelievable."   M. Ridgway

"Cindi, My hip & knees are still feeling good from the Reiki you gave to me.                                                       Thank you. People are still noticing that my walking is better. Amazing!   I would love for you to send me     some of the tea recipes you mentioned to help me sleep better at night. [Co-worker], who was at the party keeps asking me  for them, as well. I don't know how you did it, but I'm so happy you did!  Look forward to speaking with you soon."    A . Ireland                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          



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