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A Seance Is:   
A ritual enabling the actual participant the opportunity to communicate with Spirits. It is conducted and facilitated in the dark by a Medium & participants whom join hands as they form a circle around a small table.  A number of methods are utilized by Ms.Muntz focused on assisting participants to communicate with the Other Side (aka. the dead.)  The process was taught to Ms.Muntz by her guides many years ago.  Although a range of emotions is not uncommon thru out the circle, the process is executed with respect & reverence for the Other Side. It is completely a unique one of a kind experience. The Seance is a Group Participatory Event.   
What it is NOT: 
A Seance is not an event where Ms.Muntz is doing private readings or a Gallery event. It, also, is not a game or a joke.  We do not conjure up anyone or anything. It is not an activity where one sits back to let others "do the work".   Even if you have attended an event of the same name elsewhere, numerous people have shared that it is not even close to the same experience.
Why it is Popular:
Many participants have experienced a variety of manifestations during this event! Over the past 20+ years, individuals from all walks of life & belief systems have shared in this experience. Even the most skeptical Paranormal Investigators have come for seconds!
Throughout this setting, it is not unusal for participants to experience many many things.
The list is quite lengthy BUT, Some examples of my favorite past occurences are...
- temperature variances
up to a 12 degree variance, both warm & cold 
-visual anomolies
from "shooting stars" to seeing those on the Other Side walking in the space
-3rd eye experiences validated by another participant(s),
-electromagnetic field flucuations by command
I did mention by command, right ;)
-electrical disturbances
-hearing voices from the Other Side
that makes perfect sense to someone in the circle ;),
(Spirit voices captured on digital voice recorders or cassette recorders are called EVP
or electronic voice phenomena)
-the movement of objects
From a pendant spontaneously rotating around a necklace to moving chairs! 
-Feeling &/or Sensing Movement around you
-Knowing Information that you shouldn't Know!
Ms.Muntz offers Seances to small groups-10 to 25 individuals. 
You do not need to be a "Believer" to attend, however participants must be open hearted & willing to participate in each step of the process itself. 
No innocent  -or not so innocent, lol-  ByStanders allowed. Everyone present must be participating.
The experience is a minimum two hours in length. 
It can be reserved for your private parties and/or corporate experiences.
Don't have space to hold a Seance for your group?  Ms.Muntz does have space, at her HealingSpirits location, accomodating groups 9 months out of the year.
A non-refundable $100 deposit is required to save the date
The individual cost is $60 per participant.
If Ms.Muntz is traveling to you, rt mileage and any parking expense will be added.
If traveling outside the Chicagoland area, lodging may apply.
How To Schedule A Seance:
That's simple! Just call the Healing Spirits office at (630)697-0286
----What Others Are Saying About Their Experience...----
"Just wanted to thank you and let you know how much I enjoyed the seance. What a great group we had last night! Where did the time go? It seemed like only an hour wennt by, yet I got home at 1a.m. lol! I would definitely want to do it again and highly recommend the experience to anyone. Hope to see you soon."
October 27, 2012 Kathie Para
"Thank you so much Cindi for another amazing night. God bless you and what you do." 
October 28,2012  Linda Lindstrom  
"No Im not losing my mind, just some things experienced the past few days has me perplexed, this is just what I experienced or felt during the time during these events... Friday, 10/26 @ 8pm arrived with Carmen to the Seance in Naperville. Not knowing what was going to happen. Once we got intros out of the way. Cindi explained the basic process and after rituals get energy levels up (by the way...I laughed at myself SO hard...I had tears streaming...very funny  and yet it worked, the general energy of the room was up.) We were cleansed and smudged (kinda like Saged or burning 10 sticks of incense at the same time in a small room). Then we held hands... at this point I was in a state of calm. For whatever reason tho at one point of this part, I could not stop crying. It became a rather emotional situation for me, and it would not let go. It stayed all night after that and  took a long time to get back to that relaxed state of mind to be 'open'. Plus my glasses broke at this point and I couldn't see a thing, but in someway it helped with the evening as Ill explain later. This is NOT like the seances you would normally see on Tv or movies. If yu can imagine a seance workshop type situation, but you cant take notes cuz your attached at the hands and the teacher, Cindi, is assisting you, guiding you,helping you understand what is going on in the room. While I dont want to comment on others experiences, I can tell you mine and one main thing that happened to Carmen (the somewhat skeptic.)  Througout the whole evening, I was unable to shake a sad overall feeling. I literally teared up the whole evening.  I had some strange sensations come thru my body including... a strong burning feeling from the back of my throat downwards, a stabbing feeling in my tongue, sporadic strong pains, chills and cold sensations, all of these would start and disapate just as quickly. The strangest thing of all for me...the dancing angels...Im telling you Im not nuts...each of the candles had dancing angels in the lights. NO it wasnt 'just' the candle light, they had faces within them too! I, also, saw some very strange lights shoot from the center table towards the outer circle. These at this point were not orbs (circled light balls) but more curved comets of lights. The lights kept occuring throughout the night. There were illuminated areas and yet shadows almost at the same time between a group of people that had come together. I could not explain why tho, just that they were there. Luckily I did see 1 orb, this was low to the ground. It started about 1.5ft away from the table and disappeared...maybe a  deceased animal. Please keep in mind that this was NOT a reflection from my glasses because I broke them and wasn't wearing them!!! I wasn't able to channel too much, but the gentleman across from me appeared to me as someone else, an older male, thinner faced and was a religious man (ie like a minister.) I mentioned this to the group. It turns out an Uncle of theirs that had passed WAS INDEED a religious man/man of the cloth. Now the one main thing that happened with Carmen... She blurts out to the people opposite, "I have to tell you, BUY IT!" She stated that these two words had been niggling at her to tell them for quite some time during the night.  It turns out, they completely understood exactly what she meant by this, and the other stuff had also been validated to these same people.  Carmen was a little weirded out by this as it made no sense at all to her WHY it was in her head and WHY she felt the need to say it. But Spirit obviously wasnt going to stop buggin her til she did. Was it what I expected? No. It felt more like a seance workshop... a very emotional experience. Was it Scary in any way? NO...   Did I go in with an open mind? I've heard Spirit before during investigations, so I have to... Would I do it again? YES, just not feeling as tired as I did. The whole experience emotionally drained me. Would I recommend Cindi as a Medium/Spiritual Teacher? MOST DEFINITELY... Would I consider doing a private reading with her? I think I just might!!!!! Anyhoo, the evening ran 2 hrs over and ended at around 12 midnight... What we all experienced last night gives you insight to what Cindi...goes thru everyday."
Octobers 27,2012 Lorna Shaw
"...This was my first Seance so I wasn't really sure what to expect...Now that I know, I would love to try it again. I was surprised how much individuals like myself were able to connect."
October 28,2012 Marge
"Thank you Cindi for a phenomenal, energetic and fun experience Friday!
I can't wait for the next one!"
October 29,2012 Judi Johnson
"It is not what you think it is thanks to the movies. It is an experience that will leave you wondering 'did that just happen or 'why did I just say that.' I went last week and I'm still in awe at what occured and what I felt. Its definitely a unique experience."
November 2,2012 Lorna Shaw 

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