Touch Drawing Meditative Art is a simple, yet profound art technique created by D.Koff-Chapman in 1974.  I was introduced to this technique by a friend/client in the late Fall of 2010. My friend had participated in a workshop and shared her incredibly beautiful results. Immediately, I was intrigued.  As she came to some of her final pictures, a portrait of her Spiritual Guide appeared. The image was slightly younger than he projected, but without a doubt a picture of him! I knew at this moment that this technique was not only about expressing the subconscious. This technique was an opportunity for our Spiritual Guides and loved ones to, literally, channel information thru our very hands and fingertips. I could not wait to begin! 

The process itself is relaxing, soothing to the soul. Most of the time, my eyes remain closed. Movement of your hands are done without conscious thought or intentful direction.  I, personally, have found the results astonishing.  Those who have experienced readings with me or attended other workshops are familiar with my infamous stick people drawings.  To say my drawing skills are lacking would be an understatement! Yet, my Guides have produced unbelievable beauty. I am in awe. As I have continued T.D.M.A., I have noticed individuals from the 'Other Side' have their own unique way of expression resulting in completely different strokes & look. As a Facilitator, I have been honored to share this meditative approach with individuals from varied backgrounds and skill set.  As a Medium, I see Spirits consistently trying to convey their love and support. My heart is filled with gratitude to behold the joy and satisfaction from both those participating in the physical and in Spirit during this process. 

               Original T.D.M.A.

                   by Cindi Muntz

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What participants are saying...


"Loved the sharing & the prayer. Cindi provided a simple, yet profound meditation. She gently guided us thru the process giving a different area of focus for each page. She created an accepting environment and a loving space. Very much enjoyed this workshop!" (client prefers anonymity)


"I valued connecting with others and not just studying myself. Great learning by doing, excellent explanations by Cindi." M.G., Il.


"A new way to connect with Spirit. Was so surprised that they (the Spirits) were so willing."(client prefers anonymity)  


"Most valuable experience was the sense of peace...being in touch, in good energy, receiving healing messages." J.Canada, Bolingbrook, Il.


"I'm no artist. I was amazed at what I created. Looking forward to spending time with the pieces to discover deeper meanings." C.Kahlke, Downers Grove, Il.


"Most valuable experience was connecting with my Spirit Guide in a different way and then sharing my artwork with class members. I was able to think about my daughter without tears." (client prefers anonymity)


"I valued connecting with my spirit guides and letting them do the work!!! It's amazing how clearly our spirits communicate with us! Such a fun time, best energy!! Lovely time! Thank you." A.Kawalke, Clarendon Hills, Il.


"Actually letting go- and then seeing the results was the most valuable. Amazing and much deeper than I expected. Thank you Cindi!" K.Schnelle, Worth, Il.


"I was seeing with a new eye. It was a wonderful opportunity to connect with guides in a fun, relaxed way. I think they had fun too!" (client prefers anonymity)               


 Original T.D.M.A. by Meditative Art Participants

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Now it's your turn...

Come create and allow your Soul the freedom to express your authencity. Allow your loved ones in Spirit the ability to channel and express thru your hands. Each class is unique- exploring new and innovative T.D.M.A. techniques.

Please wear comfortable, paint worthy clothing.

Prior art skills unnecessary and not even recommended!

Come give it a'll be amazed!

Your art is yours to keep. :)

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                         Workshops are held in small groups for a 2 hour period.

                                                                   Cost: $65*

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