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"Your amazing.

Just thought you should  know.  :)"                                          M.Rhodes from Brookfield,IL. 4/27/2011




What type of "Abilities do you have? 

You have probably heard terms like clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient and may ask "What does that mean?" 

Clairvoyant means clear sight.  I am able to see Spirits.  Most times, they manifest and look very similiar to you & I.  When I was young, this was a very confusing gift because I was not looking for the subtle signs showing they were not living here in the physical.  In addition, I can see the beautiful colors of Auras.

Clairaudient means clear hearing.  I am able to hear Spirits.  And I must say, they are chatty! 

Clairprescient (or known as preognition) is the ability of clear fortelling of universal knowledge and truth.  This means I am able to forecast future events with substantial accuracy by tuning into messages that I receive from my Spiritual Guides from the Higher Realms.

Clairsentient means clear feeling.  This ability allowes me to sense when Spirits are present.  Be it during a Reading or a Paranormal Investigation, this gift is extremely helpful.  

Psychometry  means the ability  to“read” objects I hold.  Maybe its a ring or a locket... sometimes someones favorite T-Shirt or Book.  Everything holds our Energy.

I may communicate with Spirits directly, as if sitting to have a conversation with a close friend or I may allow the Spirit to use my physical body and channel thru me.

Last (but certainly not least!)...I am able to heal with Energy.  I may use crystals, rattle, herbs, drum, singing bowls or essential oils depending on your needs.  I am a certified Reiki Master/Teacher & a Shamanic Practitioner.    

Who do you communicate with?

I have been blessed with the gift of communicating with the spirits of those who have departed from this physical earth.   I, also, communicate with Spiritual Guides, Guardian Angels and non-human entities.

Non-Human Entities are beings who have not lived on this earthly plane.  They are Angels and young Souls who have not yet been to earth. 

How long have you been Psychic Medium? 

For as long as I can remember!  As a child, I remember being at family parties & wondering why people were ignoring a Relative.  Of course, Uncle Joe had passed...but he was still at the party!  I remember giving my family messages from my older brother in Spirit.  It hasn't always been an easy road.  This gift comes with much responsibility.  Thru my college years, I prayed & prayed to God saying "I know you don't make mistakes, but maybe you just overlooked this!  Dear God I am not meant to do this."  I realize now that God really does not make mistakes.  I feel so very blessed and honored to be given this gift.     

Do you believe in a Higher Power? 

 Absolutely! I have strong belief in God.  I grew up in a Roman Catholic family. Over the years, I have meshed my own personal beliefs and experiences with Catholicism. I even taught eighth grade CCD classes for many, many years.    No matter what title you give to the 'One known by a Thousand Names'  or what your religious belief,  every religion holds valuable purpose.   

Do you use divination tools?

Not really.  During your Reading, I may use Dowsing Rods (or Diving Rods) at times to give you a visual verification about a specific question.  But that's it.  Years ago, I used Tarot Cards upon client request.  My Guides have explained that the process of using cards is almost disrespectful during my readings.  Loved ones & Friends come quite a way from the Other Side to visit... not wait to see where they fit in the cards being spread.      

Are your Readings scary?  

No, not at all!  These are individuals in spirit that you love and that love you.  As their energies come forward, clients report feeling a sense of peace and hope.      

Can a friend sit with me during my Reading?

Unlike a tarot card reading, the Spirits joining us from the other side do not care who was "scheduled" to meet with me... they only care about the opportunity to send their love.  Therefore, only individuals scheduled for the Reading may be present.  Readings can be arranged individually or in small groups.  Prices are uniform for each individual per minute of the time in its entirety.    

Individual Readings vs. Group Readings...Which is Better??

This is a very personalized question. There is no better. more accurately said.... it is just a different type of experience. 

It boils down to your intention for your Reading. The more individuals physically in the room, the more Spirits are drawn to visit!   The Spirits tend to jump back and forth around the table with their messages, sometimes creating a more scattered approach to the reading.  If you and the other person(s), however,  have the same intention as to specific deceased loved one(s) you wish to connect with in the reading, with little expectation for individualized messages and guidance, then the added person(s) can only help to draw the spirit's energy even stronger!   If you are in need of individualized information in regards to hearing from a particular deceased loved one or about your life, then a private Reading would most likely be best.   


How should I prepare for my Reading? 

People from the 'Other Side' have jobs and responsibilites.  By giving them advance notice, it increases the possibility of them visiting with us. There are never any guarantees on who joins us during a Reading. 

As soon as you schedule your date, I recommend three things to increase opportunity to communicate with that 'special' person:

1. An Invitation: Make an invitation, just as if you were having a party. List the date, day, time and place that your reading will occur.  Don't forget to include who you would like to invite from Spirit!  Place your Invitation in a common place area, such as the frig or a coffee table.

Helpful Hint: Literally write the names of who you would want to communicate with.  In addition, add an open ended phrase such as " anyone who loves me is welcome."

2. Spontaneous Thought: When you spontaneously think of someone from the Other Side, chances are you are feeling their energy around you as they are visiting.  During these times, literally Out Loud, invite them to join us at your appointment. 

3. Reminisce: It can be very helpful to look thru old photo albums before your Reading.  Loved Ones from the Other Side enjoy sharing memories with us!  In addition, it helps you remember people that you may not have thought about in a long time, such as:  Aunts, Uncles, Great Grandparents, Neighbors, old Co-workers and such.

Is the information given ever unclear?

The connection I am able to make with the spirit world is very strong.    But, every so often information or certain messages is simply not known by the Sitter.  When this occurs, I ask clients to remember the message for future validation.  Almost always, these messages later are validated thru family and friends.

I call these 'V-8 moments'...    For example, maybe the person in Spirit passed before you were born and you do not know how they passed.  Or maybe its a family friend that you wouldn't even think would come. 

Every Spirit is unique...just as each one of us are not the same!  Some come thru giving names or give letters, many give indication of their last physical appearance and how they died.  Even if a Spirit does not release their most recent physical name, most people know exactly who it is thru the information that is given. 

Our personalities remain unchanged!  If someone was bold and assertive in life, most likely they are bold and assertive in Spirit.   Keep in mind that the spirits that choose to come through have their own agenda (just as you have yours!)   Whatever they feel is best or most suitable for you to hear at that time will come through.  Thus, Spirits may/may not cover issues in your life that you feel are important and need addressing.   As time allows,  you may ask these questions at the end of the session.

Why do I have to leave a deposit?  

Sadly, there has been last minute cancellations and appointments that do not show.  Much energy goes into preparation for each appointment.  A deposit ensures professional courtesy for my time, as well as ensuring your scheduled appointment time slot. Deposits are not refundable if you cancel your apppointment. If you call to reschedule your appointment 30 days BEFORE your scheduled appointment date, your deposit may be applied to your new booking date.  An invoice will promptly be sent to No call/no show appointments.   A NC/NS client must pay for their neglected appointment in order to schedule a new date/time.

When should a deposit/mileage be paid? 

Deposits and rt mileage/parking fees: If I am traveling to you- must be received within one week (or 7 days) of  making your appointment. Deposits can be made with Cash, Money Order, Credit Card,  or via PayPal.  For phone readings, you must pay in full at the time of scheduling, or we must receive your check or money order within 7 days after scheduling your appointment.  Please note that PayPal and credit cards charge a processing fee.  If using this method of payment.  This fee will be added to your total.  

How are fees calculated? 

Services are calculated on a per minute basis with the exception of Special Events & Workshops. A digital timer is utilized to notify client when desired time is fufilled. The timer alerts with an obvious & distinct beep. If client continues to ask questions of a general nature or regarding Spirit visitors, it will be considered acceptance for additional 'per minute' charges. An additional stopwatch is utilized to keep track of the cumulative appointment time minutes.

EXAMPLE #1: A 60 minute reading is scheduled, but Spirit only communicates for 47 minutes. The client, therefore, is only charged for the 47 minute time frame at $3.00 a minute.

EXAMPLE #2: The digital timer sounds at the completion of scheduled 30 minute reading time. The client continues to ask a Spirit visitor additional questions & then asks about meditation for 22 more minutes. The client will be charged for 52 minutes (30 minutes, plus the additional 22 minutes) at $3.00 per minute.

Payment is required to reserve your space for Special Events/Workshops. Pre-payment ensures your intention of participation and is non-refundable. In the event that Healing Spirits or Ms.Muntz cancels the Event/Workshop, participants will be promptly refunded.   


Scheduling  Services, Special Event/Workshops? 

  • To schedule your Reading and/or desired Service, simply call (630)697-0286 and leave a detailed message.  Calls are returned in the order they are received. Please understand that the current wait time for appointments/Special Events & Workshops is approximately three months.  
  • I do reserve a minimal amount of time weekly to accommodate 'Priority/Urgent Need' Situations.  If you are in need of an 'Priority/Urgent Need' time slot, please indicate this at the time of your call. Please click here for the 'Urgent Need' fee schedule.
  • To schedule a Corporate Event or for information on speaking events, conferences and/or workshops, please click here for more information or call (630)697-0286 and leave a detailed message.


Please note all calls are returned in the order of

which they are received.










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