"We have had the extreme honor of working with Cindi twice now. She is a special person and beyond gifted at what she does. "
Milwaulkee, WI.

Interested in having Ms.Muntz speak at your conference?

Looking to hold a workshop?
For pricing, appearance fees and details,
please call us at (630)697-0286.
Apprehensive about speaking to your loved one from beyond? Too nervous to meet with Ms.Muntz one on one? This is for you! Join us for an evening of fun, laughter and connections with the Other side.  This event can be utilized with groups of size from 35 to 550 (or more!) Learn about Cindi's life as a Medium and mediumship itself. Have the opportunity to ask the questions you have always wanted to ask! The first part is a briefing on her work and experiences as a Medium and then messages will be brought thru. The event closes with @ a 20 minute questions segment.
Event; Time Span is 2 hours; Cost is proportionate to your group size. Please contact us for additional pricing.
Kkarpay Cleansing Ceremony                                                                                                               Second Most Requested Group Event!
Come be a part of a sacred and ancient Cleansing Ceremony. This powerful Incan Ceremony cleanses & balances the body enabling healing to occur on all levels ~ Physically, Socially, Emotionally and Spiritually. During this ancient ceremony, Ms.Muntz will work with each person on an individual basis within the groups' energetic support. A minimum of 16 partipants requested. Rattles will be supplied for use during this event. :) Participants welcome to bring their own hand drums, rattles and/or click sticks, as well!

Event; Time Span varies with Participant Participation Size; $45 per person

Guest Reader- EVENT
Interested in connecting with a loved one who has died? Or, would you like a private healing session? Ms.Muntz is available to do 'Readings'/healing work at your business or conference.
Event; Times can be arranged as best for your event.
Join  world renowned Medium, Cindi Muntz, as she shares her life experiences as a clairvoyant. This thoughtful and provocative presentation will leave you wanting more as she share her unique view of our world. Includes a variety of channeled communications explaining the ways the Spirit world seeks her assistance. 
Lecture; Time span is 2 hrs. (can be altered to your needs)
Research Into the AfterLife
Join R.I.P. Founder & world renowned Medium/Clairvoyant, Cindi Muntz, on an exploration into the supernatural. R.I.P. (Researchers Investigating the Paranormal) has been serving communities since 2006.  The R.I.P. Team researches some of the most haunted locations throughout the Midwest states.  This event will review the process of a paranormal investigation, tools used in the trade of ghost hunting, ways to communicate with Spirits and how to protect yourself.  Listen to live clips of Spirit communication, as well as photo and video footage. 
Lecture; Time span is 1.30 hrs. (can be altered to your needs) 
Ghost Hunting 101
Join renowned world renowned Medium, Cindi Muntz, in a how to presentation of Ghost Hunting 101. Learn about the most popular equipment that is essntial to paranormal communication and some practical techniques. For more info, please visit, www.ripmidwest.com.
Lecture; Time span is 1.30 hrs. (can be altered to your needs)  


Making Meditation Easy                                                                                                                                What is the big deal about mediation? From Yoga to Tae Kwan Do/Hapkido to Reiki... why is it important? or relevant? Join renowned Medium/Clairvoyant, Cindi Muntz, in an experiential hour with Meditation. Find out first hand how this technique not only transcends- but is valued- within all the elements of life.  Ms.Muntz is a Reiki Master/Teacher and a shamanic practitioner. For more information on healing opportunities and/or Reiki training, please visit www.cindimuntz.com  

Lecture; 1.30hrs.                                      

The Mechanics of Mediumship
How does Mediumship work?  How do I begin?  How do you know who you are communicating with? These are poignant questions that Learn about the "C's" and how to tap into the energy around us. Learn how to increase your vibration and the vibration of the environment.  Tune into your psychic self. 
Lecture; Time span is 1.5 hrs
Living in the Spiritual Zone
Cindi's Spiritual Guides have been active in her life since birth. Constantly giving advice and words of wisdom that are helpful on a day to day basis AND in prophetic journeying sense. Come and enjoy the love and suggestions given from these three wonderful Spirits to assist you on your life's course.   
Lecture; Time span is 1.5 hrs. 
Speaking Event: Mediumship & Trans Channeling
"Medium"... "Channeler"... "Trans Channeler"...
All these terms can be so confusing! Learn about the different types of Mediumship and Intuitive abilities & Learn ways to tap into your own. This is a great discussion for beginners into intermediate skill & interest set.
Lecture; Time span is 1.5 hrs.
Finding YOUR Psychic Abilities
Learn how to tap in and open up to your own psychic abilities. This will be a hands on, explorative class. Please wear comfy clothes. Be prepared for a lot of laughter and much info to feed the soul and raise your energy levels.
Lecture; Time span is @ 2 hrs.  (can be altered to your needs)
Communicate with the Spirits. This unique event is always a crowd pleaser! Time span is @2.5 hrs. Min. participants is 15 & max is 25. It is sure to be a night you will never forget!! Hurry...This is an event that sells out quickly!!      
Class; Time span is 2 hrs. Fee -$60 per person
Usui Reiki -Level I & Level II; Level III & Master/Teacher
LEVEL ONE: Three and half hrs.
LEVEL TWO: Five and half hrs.
LEVEL III/Advanced: Four and half hrs.
MASTER: Four and half hrs.
Come learn a Japanese healing technique practiced for thousands of years. Learn to tap into the Univeral Life Energy to promote stress relief, relaxation and healing. Class includes: W.Rand Manual, Attunment & Certificate upon completion.
Class; Times vary per workshop; Fee- Varies per Level
Gift of Reiki
Welcome Reiki Practitioners!!! Welcome ALL in need of healing!!! Looking to try Reiki?? Looking for someone to give Reiki to?? Gift of Reiki is for you! Receive & give healing in the safety of a group setting. This forum introduces REIKI to those in need of spiritual, emotional, or physical healing... it, also, introduces clients to local practitioners.      
Class; Time span is 2hrs.; Fee-$20
The Healing Drum
Meditate... Heal... Drum.
The Healing Drum is a three part healing opportunity. Quiet your Soul and take part in group meditation. Allow your Spirit to Heal through the pulse of the Drum. Participants are asked to Bring a drum or rattle, yoga mat or blanket.      
Class; Time span is 2 hrs.; Fee-$25
Dowsing Class
Dowsing Rods, Pendulums, Muscle testing...Oh My!!! Come learn the history of dowsing. Design your own dowsing materials.... pendulum & dowsing rods!  Learn how to cleanse and use your new tools.
Class; Time span is 1.5 hrs.; Fee-$45
Ghost Hunting - The Series
This is an ten class series. Classes can be arranged as suits your event/vision. Learn how to Hunt Ghosts like the Pros! We will review equipment & techniques.
- BONUS- Our last class will end with an actual local Ghost Hunt.          
Class; Time span is 1.5 hrs.; Fee-$40 

Please Note:

RT Mileage is $1.95 a mile and is added to the Event Charge

 Prices are subject to change.

Event is Paid in Full at the Time of Booking

Please Review the Cancellation Policy Before Scheduling your Event

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Where has Cindi spoke?




NorthLake Public Library

LECTURE: A Little About Ghosts

Northlake, Illinois

Galena Public Library

LECTURE: Ghost Hunting 101

Galena, Illinois

Joliet Public Library

LECTURE: Exploration Into the Unknown

Joliet, Illinois

Pagan Pride Festival

LECTURE: Exploration Into the Unknown

OakPark, Illinois

R.I.P. Explorer's

Aurora, Illinois


Interview via Blog talk Radio

"Hey Cindi,    would just like to say thank you for this evening, it was really nice to speak to someone with both your ability and your outlook. You've changed my opinion on a few things, thanks again. If there is ever anything either I or any of my team can do for you please let me know.  Kind Regards, Maurice.

Founding Member.HTTP://www.hiddenliverpool.com"

University of Wisconsin OshKosh

Workshop for Classified Staff Day

"Paranormal Investigations!"

Osh Kosh,  Wisconsin

SoderWorld Healing Center

Hinsdale, Illinois

Oak Park Public Library

LECTURE: "Getting Through Grief"

Sponsored by Karen Schultz,  PhD

Oak Park, Il. 

The Wheaton Park District

Gallery Event

Wheaton,  Il. 

Viacom Event

Chicago, Illinois

"Just wanted to thank you for meeting with us last week.  It was a pleasure to finally meet you and everyone in our group are still raving about the experience! Alex G." CSR

The Immoral Truth Radio Show

BlogTalk Radio with Kurt Logsdon

"Thanks a million for doing the show it was a blast!!!cheers Kurt  Logsdon"



SoderWorld Healing Center

Hinsdale, Illinois


'Paranormal Hour' Radio Show Part II interview by Mike Jacobus

1580AM in Texas


MTV Event

Chicago, Illinois


Lyons Township College Ed- Metaphysics 101 Course


"Cindi that was an amazing night! Everyone was so happy that you spent so much time answering our questions...So glad you are there and that you take your gift as an honor. Thanks again!"-Karen Schultz, PhD


'Paranormal Hour' Radio Show with Mike Jacobus

1580AM in Texas


MTV Event

Chicago, Illinois


Pagan Pride Festival

OakPark, Illinois


Woodridge Public Library

Woodridge, Illinois

"Hello Cindi,   Thank you so much for last night's presentation. You are awesome! Your enthusiasm is contagious and it is obvious you love what you do. We had 72 people attend and they made very favorable comments as they were leaving. I'm sorry we had to kind of rush you out the door at closing time. I know people still had questions for you. Thanks again, Cindi. "     -Kay Public Relations/Program Coordinator


SoderWorld Healing Center

Hinsdale, Illinois


 SoderWorld Healing Center

Hinsdale, Illinois

 "As always it is a joy to have you here. I can't stop asking you questions and neither can all of those who come to hear you speak. You pack the house everytime! Standing room only! We will schedule something again soon."  -Eric Soderholm


Metaphysical & Holistic Faire

Lithuian World Center in Lemont, Illinois



R.I.P. Explorer's

Aurora, Illinois

"Was not expecting so many people when I walked in the door. Thank you for discussing Evp. I learned so much. As an Investigator, there is alot of mixed information in the field. I found your lecture to be the first that actually made sense on the topic. The evp's that were shared was nothing short of amazing. Makes me re-think my past opinion of working with a Medium on location. Its no surprise why this was well attended. Wonderful evening."  -J.Campbell


Waubansee Community College Auditorium

Sugar Grove, Illinois


Noetic Society IONS

Carol Stream, Illinois


88.9 Paranormal Radio Interview

Berwyn, Illinois



Noetic Society IONS

Hinsdale, Illinois


Naperville Ghost Tour

Naperville, Illinois


Elks Lodge

Princeton, Illinois


SoderWorld Healing Center

Hinsdale, Illinois


Ghost Raps  Radio (w/Ray Rucker & KB!) Interview



Morris Public Library

Morris, Illinois


Threshold Radio Interview

Chicago, Illinois


Paranormal Kicks Cancer Event

Hillside, Illinois


Pagan Pride Event

(Also in 2009 & 2010!)

OakPark, Illinois


Joliet Junior College Wellness Faire

Joliet, Illinois


SoderWorld Healing Center

Hinsdale, Illinois


Nickelodeon Event

Chicago, Illinois


Wellness Sanctuary

Oswego, Illinois


Greco's Restaurant

Willow Springs, Illinois


MTV  Event

Chicago, Illinois

" Hi Cindi,   I just wanted to thank you again for coming out last week. People were absolutely thrilled by you. I also realized, and must apologize, that I ran out of there and never said goodbye to you.  Thanks again and ... calling to set up an appointment with you."   -Tracy, Mtvn Entertainment Group"